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Hackthebox Walkthroughs: Bastion

Ok, so this is my first blog for hackthebox retired machine. As we all know, Hackthebox is a great platform to test your penetration testing skills, and it’s machines are differnt from other penetration testing platforms. I have selected Bastion as my first htb blog machine which is windows based. Let’s Start. The IP of

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SQLi to Shell:1 Vulnhub Walkthrough

This exercise explains how you can, from a SQL injection gain access to the administration console. Then in the administration console, how you can run commands on the system. This machine is for beginners and can be downloaded from here. After installing FROM SQLI TO SHELL we must find its IP address as it is

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Ethical Hacking Training Series(Hindi)

Hello All, I will be uploading the Ethical Hacking video series on Youtube at regular intervals. Here I will explain everything related to ethical hacking skills and ethical hacking career. This hacking course can give you skillset/idea to get any ethical hacking certificate in your future. So follow this ethical hacking course 🙂You can bookmark

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Hacking Stapler Vulnhub

Stapler is a boot2root machine from vulnhub. It’s easy machine with littlw twist. You can download this machine from here. Let’s start the dirty work. I scanned the network to find the IP of the machine with the help of arp-scan. Let’s scan our target with nmap. nmap -sC -sV I didn’t find anything

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Fristileaks:1.3 Walkthrough

Well, its been a while since I last wrote any blog. After a gap of almost 6 months, today I played with #Fristileaks box(well was trying this for a while but couldn’t finish it due to works) from vulnhub and it was worth tweaking. You can download #Fristileaks from here. As usual, I scanned my

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Kioptrix 1.3(#4) Walkthrough

Hello Everyone, this is the final VM from the kioptrix series and to be frank, I enjoyed it the most(I was frustrated though). Download:,25/ As usual getting the IP was the first thing. Netdiscover plays the trick. After getting IP I scanned with nmap. netdiscover -r Here port 80 is open so I scanned

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Kioptrix 1.2(#3) walkthrough

Hello Everyone, this walkthrough is of 3rd series of Kioptrix VM. You can download it from here. After installing it, you need to edit your host file and point the IP to In linux, you can edit using cat /etc/hosts. As usual, I started with: #netdiscover -r Ok so I got my target

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Kioptrix 1.1(#2) Walkthrough

Hello Everyone, the previous post was walkthrough of level 1 of Kioptrix series. In this blog, I am going to post walkthrough of Kioptrix 1.1 which is 2nd in the series. So without wasting our time, let’s get started. Just like the last machine, I was being greeted by this login page. First work was

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Kioptrix 1 Walkthrough

Kioptrix is one of the best series for those who are trying to make their way for Penetration Testing. Even it is recommended for a lot of certification including OSCP. This walkthrough is of Kioptrix 1 Download:,22/ I was using Vbox and I faced some problem during installation of Kioptrix on VBox.I followed these steps

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