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HoLa!,I Am Manish Bhardwaj Co-Founder Of Azure Skynet Solutions Pvt Ltd & CosmicSkills EDU LLP. I Am Cyber Security Expert And I Had Trained OVER 20,000 Students.

GoldenEye: 1 VulnHub Walkthrough

Hello Everyone, In this blog i am going to post walkthrough of GoldenEye 1. This machine is for them who have basic Knowledge and hand’s on experience with penetration Testing. you can download the machine here. Let’s Begin !! Target IP – Attacker IP – So, Let’s start with scanning nmap -sC -sV …

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Hackthebox Walkthroughs:Netmon

Hello Again, Netmon is windows machine from hackthebox. I enjoyed getting root of this machine as it required little extra out of box thinking. Let’s start the dirty work,the IP of machine is Scanning with Nmap: nmap -sV As we can see on port 21, Anonymous login is allowed. So let’s play with …

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Tr0ll:1 Vulnhub Walkthrough

Hello Everyone, In this blog i am posting the walkthrough of Tr0ll. This machine is for beginners. You can Download the machine here. So, let’s begin!! Target IP is Attacker IP is Let’s scan the target ip using nmap . nmap -sC -sV -pn So, there are three ports open 21,22 and …

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