About Me

Hi world, it's Manish Bhardwaj

A strong Believer of the fact that life is short to study and knowledge increases when shared with others.

I have started this blog page to share my knowledge with a hope that I will learn more and more by sharing whatever I know, with all.

I have only two passion in life;

First being the hunger for knowing more and more about evolving technologies and contributing to the vast world of the same
and other being the concrete wish of making everyone competent enough by sharing my knowledge.

With my deep interest in many fields with security analysis, penetration testing, network security and ethical hacking being few of them,

I desire of expanding my circumference wider and wider and making everyone aware and moreover friendly to everyone.

In short i pursue a dream of making people love the technologies which scare them at start and this is one of the strongest zeal which I have.

My real success will be then only when i will be able to make somebody feel confident in what he/she used to be scared at some point of time.

I am a strong believer of the fact that showing off of what you have got can harm one in all the aspect it has got, so believe in learning as much as I can from everyone.

I hope someday I can make a small contribution to someone’s life who craves for gathering knowledge.


I started as a network and cyber security expert and have expanded my arena to add some more feathers

but still goal is far far from sight and i am sure it will take at least a lifetime to learn something.

Having spoken in many college events and having conducted hundreds of technical workshops on various technologies.

I have gained a lot and am aiming to gain as much as sky because knowledge is the only commodity which can complete me.

I never believed in aspiring for marks theory as i have always tried to do something out of line
and knowing things in a manner when i can start feeling them actually.

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