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Howdy, I'm Manish Bhardwaj​

I firmly believe that life is short to learn all that the world has to offer. Learning is enhanced by sharing knowledge with others. I began this blog page to share my knowledge with the hope that I will learn more and more by sharing everything I know, with everybody.

There are just two passions in my life;

First is the hunger to know more and more about the development of technologies and to contribute to the vast world of the same.

Second is the concrete desire to make everyone competent enough by sharing my expertise.

 My deep interest lies in numerous fields with security analysis, penetration testing, network security and ethical hacking few to start with. I want to expand my circle to educate everybody about the importance of cybersecurity. In short, I dream of raising awareness about how to stay safe in a world filled with cyber attacks.  My real success is making somebody feel confident and secure in the frightening digital world.


I hope one day I will be able to make a small contribution to the life of someone who has a thirst for knowledge.

Manish Bhardwaj

Services Offered by Manish

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